Health Benefits of Coffee

Did You Know That Drinking More Coffee Can Lead To a Longer Life?

Health Benefits of Coffee

It has been proven by studies that people who drink coffee tend to live longer than people who don’t.  The antioxidant properties in coffee helps in boosting energy and strengthening it to help detoxify the body from toxins.

Higher consumption of coffee to could increase longevity, two studies have revealed.

The two studies claim to have found a direct correlation between high consumption of coffee and a reduced risk of a number of ailments including heart disease, stroke, and liver disease.

In a study Published in a U.S medical journal, these health benefits are realized regardless of the type of coffee consumed; whether a latte, an Americano, espresso, or even decaffeinated coffee.

These recent findings are said to have resurfaced century-old speculations on the many health benefits of regular coffee consumption.

health benefits of coffee
Regular coffee consumption leads to energy boost fro body.

Study Findings about Health Benefits of Coffee

The first study, which is also the largest study conducted to evaluate high coffee consumption and mortality, looked into the relationship between high and regular consumption of coffee and its effects on mortality among the 520,000 people who participated in the study in 10 European countries.

The 16-yearlong study discovered that men who took more than 3 cups of each day reduced their death risk by about 18 percent as compared to those who didn’t.

In women, their risk of death was significantly lowered by 8%.

The study also found an inverse relationship between the consumption of large amounts of coffee with liver disease, suicide in men, cancer in women, circulatory diseases, and digestive disease.

Also, people who took more than 3 cups on a daily basis had a significantly lower risk of all-cause death compared to those who didn’t.

The other study which surveyed over 185, 000 non-white populations including Japanese-Americans, Native Americans, Hawaiians, African-Americans, and Latinos also found interesting results.

Studies have shown that coffee drinkers tend to have a longer lifespan than people who don’t.

According to this study, coffee significantly increases longevity in people of different races. Participants who drank 2 to 4 cups of on a daily basis had reduced their death risk by approximately 18 percent than those who didn’t.

According to Veronica Setiawan, a preventative medicine associate professor who took part in the second study, the findings are invariable with other studies that had surveyed the majority white participants.

These two studies strongly indicate the existence of a direct relationship between coffee drinking and longevity, and that mortality is inversely related to high coffee consumption for cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, respiratory disease, and kidney disease.

Marc Gunter who also took part in the all-white European study said the method of preparation in different countries didn’t have any impact on the participants. Rather, the effects were from the coffee itself.

“We surveyed various European countries where the methods of coffee preparation and how people drink it are very different,” said Gunter.

Both studies also surveyed smokers, in which coffee was found to have inverse effects on their mortality. According to the researchers, smoking doesn’t seem to counteract the effects coffee has on the body.

The researchers however recommended regular consumption of coffee alongside healthy, balanced diet and exercise as neglecting the latter could have an effect on an individual’s longevity.

The studies also revealed that there are no long-term effects from drinking coffee as the more common ones like headache and fatigue are only temporary.

The Real Reason behind Coffee’s Impact on Longevity

For years, coffee has long been suspected to increase longevity in people, only that there were no studies to prove it.

According to Gunter, coffee is a mixture of different compounds that possess some incredible biological effects.

Various studies have actually revealed that certain compounds in coffee have powerful anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

Due to these properties, it has been found to help minimize the risk of ailments such as Parkinson’s disease.

So in general, the drink does seem to have more benefits than just giving you the morning drive.



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