Octenisept – The Best Antiseptic in Case of Injuries

What Is an Antiseptic?

In many cases, especially if you have children you need to have on hand a good disinfectant or antiseptic for treating a wound in case of accidents.

When dealing with disinfection to heal wounds in children, we found many times with questions about the use of antiseptics and why. There are many antiseptics on the market, and some are not suitable for disinfecting wounds of our children.

When a person is injured, it is very important to treat the injury that has been caused to prevent infection and serious consequences. The skin of living beings is like a barrier that prevents the passage of viruses and other agents harmful to the body.

When a person is injured, the first thing to do is to give him/her first aid and clean the wound before treating it.

However, if it is damaged or injured, bacteria can enter the wound and then reproduce inside or around it, causing serious infections arise throughout the body. This is so important to know the proper methods to clean any wound.

When used antiseptics and adequate and timely manner can get very good benefits because having skin contact Flora eliminate or reduce the resident and transient it. They are responsible for the destruction of microorganisms which are in an inanimate surface.

What is Octenisept?

One of the products that are currently leading the market of antiseptics is Octenisept, this is an aqueous antiseptic used to control any infection caused by wounds and mucosa, is a broad antiseptic spectrum that is active against a wide range of bacteria such as Gram-positive and Gram-negative. One of its strengths is painless when applied to wounds.

The Octenisept is an excellent antiseptic used for pain perfectly free application, and therefore highly tolerated by patients. This antiseptic can also be used for wound irrigation and washing of the whole body of patient’s MRSA (Staphylococcus aureus meticilinorresistente).

The Octenisept is 100% effective against bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses (herpes, HBV, HCV and HIV) and SARM. This type of product is also widely used in gynecology and andrology.

♦ Benefits of Octenisept

  1. It has good tolerance on the skin and mucous membrane
  2. Its effect occurs the minute it applies
  3. It has no phenol and iodine
  4. Can be used for newborn babies and children.
  5. It does not produce any kind of ailment during application
  6. No side effects
Clean the wound with antiseptic before treating it.

♦ How does it apply?

This product can be applied in several ways, if you have cuts, scrapes and minor injuries, you should clean the wound with soap and cold water, and then apply Octenisept according to the above applications. It can be sprayed on the wound or scrubbing the wound, and can be applied by lightly tapping the sanitized areas.

Apply the antiseptic gently but thoroughly on the wound.

It applies in cases of cleaning a wound, wound treatment of all chronic, traumatic, surgical and other types, for treatment of several regions and before operations in the oral region. They can also be used to disinfect the skin and other tissues before surgery.

Cleaning the wound plays a key role in reducing infections and wounds that separate treatment leads to better wound healing and improves the optimal conditions for healing.

Disinfectants should be stored properly and should be kept in their original containers with their respective cap.


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